Be Blessed スピリチャル講師 / ヒーラー Sera


Understanding Karma and Vasana


Imagine we’re all part of a vast, intricate play, and the world as we know it is a stage. In this play, our lives are not just random occurrences but scenes in a grand production designed for our souls to learn and grow. The concept of Maya suggests that what we see and experience isn’t the ultimate reality but a kind of divine illusion that helps us on our path to self-discovery.

Each of us is on a unique journey. Our actions and the events in our lives are influenced by two powerful forces: karma and vasana. Karma is like a universal law of balance—it ensures that every action has a reaction, a consequence that comes back to us, teaching us important lessons. Vasana is like a script we’ve been handed from past performances, filled with our habits and tendencies that we carry into this life.

Together, these forces guide us, providing challenges and experiences tailored to help us realize that at the deepest level, we are all connected, all part of a singular, divine essence. This journey we’re on is about peeling back the layers of the play, the illusions, to understand our true nature and the oneness that binds us all. It’s about learning, growing, and ultimately, finding harmony with the universe and each other.



【無料】愛され輝く スピリチャルライフの実践・学び配信中Amrita Sera ニュースレター

東京開催/林星良 ワークショップ・セミナー予定

林星良 Seraへの個別具体的な相談はこちら




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